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                                             We about us!                Deutsch

We, the project group „Viva-Europa- We unite the World“
of the college of further education for hospitality and facility management
take care of exchange students and visitors and acquire new partner colleges,
schools and internship placements as part of our Europeproject.

Due to that reason we send letters to selected european colleges and schools
in different languages (
french, spanish and english).

The aim of our Europeproject is to complete internships in partner companies
abroad for a few weeks to be able to get to know their work habits
and education and compare those.

 We also visit our partner colleges as a part of field excursions.

 After completing the internship abroad successfully
the attendants get the “Europass Certificate for Mobility”.

In all our projects we are actively supported by our project supervisor,

Jutta Schwämmlein.